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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  CBS  November 19, 2016 4:37am-5:00am CST

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and just said i'm note going to talk about this anymore. there's no easy solution here. >> when we come back, we're going to continue our talk about the election and his book electile disfunction.
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and welcome back to the right side with your host don williams. and welcome back to the show. and you wrote this interesting thing in the boston globe and basically they attacked black lives matter by attacking israel.
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cause and it's caused by discriminatation in the justice system. i myself have been trying to fight for equality based on race for 50 years. so it all comes by black lives matters and they say you can't be apart of this movement if you're not ready to call israel as a natural genocidal country. >> and just yes, we're not going to do it. we're not going to let you come
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anti-genocidal. >> and why should black lives be involved in israel genocidal. >> how is that anywhere rel releshgz clr clr rel /* /* relavant. >> and the described america as one of the worst relations in the world. there's no question that the
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relations has improved since o.j. simpson. >> and black lives matter is going it destroy this >> and these women are going to be wearing burkas on the beach. >> you know, my wife hates the sun. and when she goes to the beach she covers up.
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wear a burkini you should. >> but it's different if you want to get a drivers license so they can't get a picture without their picture showing. >> but there are problems in holland and the scandinavian >> only some and that's enough to make people upset. it may cost angela mercan her relationships. there's a lot of instability in the world caused by the influx by the refugees of the syrian war.
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candidate. >> i do think that hillary clinton provides a much better stability in the world in an extreme suffering women. >> and you get on the campus for fanning face spaces. but do you think that it gives rise for the black lives matters? >> yes, no one gives criticism to zionists and they get their events attacked. but everyone should have safety
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but not one should be attacked from ideas. you should not have to tolerate any non-ideas. you should have safe spaces to protect you from physical intimidation. and it tells you something that the university of chicago sent that letter out to the people that they're protected. that's a serious problem. we're going to come back with much more.
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what do you think about spending money on the poor? >> i'm armstrong williams, and this is the right side for.
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you can find this in my new book, e-books on kindle and it will be there. >> and attorney gerwitz, what is
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>> well, the purpose was to get the mafia and to get structures that use things like pension funds as a vehicle to engage in distortion. >> and it's gone to far. you can indictment people for basically belonging to other organizations. but it started out narrow and useful and it's become a monster that swallowed its important purposes so i'm not an encourager of rico laws. >> how is your latest book, electile disfunction, how does
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educated opinion about this country? >> well, it can become an e-book and it didn't have to go through the process of getting published by the hard cover. and the book is only two weeks old. what i try to do is when i was teaching love in harvard for 50 years, i didn't teach them to think but i thought them how to think. i go through terrorism and protection of terrorist attacks and the supreme court and tell me to do their own analysis and make my own analysis. and i say make a checklist and
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candidates. or vote against a candidate. >> it gives guidance for third parties. and a woman named josiasis who knows nothing about the issues and she's getting 3% of the voter. >> but there's people who did not know where alepo was syria. i think people should be voting for one of the two candidates but it gives you guidance based on your values. hold it up.
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seth myers. and finally my friend ben gates, he endorsed it. >> and we endorse the book. >> so i'm curious about how people are so against the possibly make things worse. >> possibly. and there guy moves up to vermont and moved to a place of
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to us about race. >> but i can imagine a third party with a strong candidate challenging the monopoly and i remember the way the electoral college works. and all you have to do is get enough states to make sure either more electoral colleges. >> it happens for a few times. >> i don't think in this cycle, we're going to see the election go to the third party. i don't think he's going to get into the debates now and i think we're going to see an election
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future will hold. >> well, much love to you and your wife who make this all possible. >> it's always a pleasure to be on your show. thank you. i love your show.
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and welcome back. and that was a great discussion with alex and we want through everything. >> we talked about safe spaces in chicago which is ridiculous.
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>> i get where you're going. >> well, how are things going for circa? >> well, it's interesting. a lot of things are falling into place and we're look at the trends we're seeing in politics. >> you can go to so you can find out what is going on with >> and i just wanted to make sure you guys were balanced. >> hey, look thanks for tuning in for this addition. and you can visit us at
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disfunction. good book.
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